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The Team


Kirk McHenry

Comedy at it's Finest 

Kirk is a seasoned, veteran comedian that made his mark on Comic View and has not stopped bringing the funny ever since. Kirk, a Marine Vet, has done comedy for the troops over seas, major clubs everywhere, and private events on the regular. He also produces comedy shows and holds a regular night on Wednesdays in Oakland and Thursdays at the Throck Morton in Mill Valley, CA. Kirk has a smooth style of comedy that creates a level of comfort that you not only can relate to, but leaves you bent over with laughter, shaking your head in full agreement. This guy is a great show, each and every time. 

Lance Woods

Next Up To Bat

Lance Woods is a uniquely funny guy. He's been in the game for a sweet minute and has blazed the microphone with wit, intelligence, and a great eye for detail regarding everyday life. His delivery is smooth, undeniable, and has captured the hearts of audiences all over the country. Especially from his many IG posts commenting on viral content. You can catch Lance touring with Desi Banks, Tony Roberts, or as a guest commentator covering a Kings Game on Fox News. Lance is the next big thing in comedy.

lance 2.jpg

Insane Wayne

 0% Stand Up - 100% Comedy

Dewayne "Insane Wayne" Jackson is the true meaning of the word survivor. Doing comedy at the highest level about 16 years ago, Insane Wayne was shot and rendered paralyzed from the waist down. After he fought to survive, he fought to live. Refusing to miss too many beats he got back on stage and began doing comedy again. He was, and still is one of the funniest comedians you'll ever get a chance to see do stand up, while sitting down. His story telling is outstanding, and only pales in comparison to his comedic timing and ability to totally engage any crowd. His facial expressions alone will have you in stitches, the jokes are an added bonus.  

Linda Schwartz

She Shed, She Said

Linda Schwartz is a very funny up and coming comedian. She has developed an amazing way to riff about her time in foster care, hood family, and considerably older husband in a way that is funny, insightful, and oddly relatable. Her comedy is raw and real, but the delivery of the soft punches allows the crowd to take the hit, and still enjoy it at the same time. Who would have known how much people want to hear an uncomfortable truth and then laugh. This is what Linda is bringing to the table, and no one is being left disappointed. 

Linda Schwartz Headshot 16.JPG

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