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The Team That Keeps It Real


Joe "J-Lee" Turner, President

Joe "J-Lee" Turner has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years. Beginning as a young artist himself, he has always had a love for the stage and a microphone. He's spent several years not only listening and creating music, but he's also an accomplished writer, producer, and musical director. With this level of experience and passion for the craft, it is easy for him to see and develop talent in others as well.


Notable projects he's been a part of range from musical productions, to stage plays, and even a motion picture. J-Lee has an ear for talent and is ready to build with the new and seasoned styles and genres of today. Christian entertainment has a need, and this 1 of 2 Real Entertainment is here and ready to take you to the next stage of your entertainment life.

Chelle T 2023 shoot (5).jpg

Michelle "Chelle T" Turner, CEO

Michelle "Chelle T" Turner has taken the world by storm. Not only is she burning up the social media platforms with her newest comedy special "It Just Got Real" on Amazon Prime, but she's also made waves as an OAP on TruthFM, a station that is currently being heard all over the globe. Chelle T has been making noise for a while as a writer, director, and producer. She successfully produced her first Stand-up comedy special in 2018, and a nine city comedy tour in 2019. She is the writer and co-producer of the feature film "Restored Me", producer on the Eric and Lynda Live show, writer and Executive Producer for the stage play "To Be More Like You", Executive Producer of the 2023 "It's Still Real" comedy tour, just to name a few.

Always looking to build a platform big enough for everyone to stand on, her goal has always been to polish the shine of those God has placed on her path. Now with the launch of the Talent/Artist Development Division of 2 Real Entertainment, this team can be the conduit to help catapult those that are destined to be great in this day and age. 


2 Real Entertainment has been in business since 1996. We started off as a record label and branched out into an overall production company in the early 2000s. We currently have over 30 years of experience in Entertainment.

2 Real Entertainment has produced stage plays, music videos, comedy shows, comedy tours, and even a motion picture. 2 Real Entertainment took things a step further and opened their Management division of the company in 2019.

2 Real Entertainment has expanded yet again with the incorporation of the graphic design and literary company In Just the Write Words and the newly added Artist Development/Talent Agent division. With these two additions we are well on our way to leaving an undeniable mark in the entertainment industry and now we welcome you to take this journey with us.


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